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Bacon + Chocolate = . . .

Bacon + Chocolate

What happens when you combine two premium foods like bacon and chocolate? Can it be done?

Kyle turned me onto this concept with a taste of a Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar where applewood smoked bacon is encased in deep milk chocolate. I don’t know what makes milk chocolate “deep” or why applewood is the preferred choice for chocolate and bacon. Trial & error, I suppose.

The photo shows a bacon strip, but in reality we’re talking about bits of bacon in the bar. It’s surprisingly hard to get a good handheld shot of bacon in chocolate, so here are a couple attempts:

Bacon + Chocolate

Kyle, who’s not afraid to whip out an appropriate or inappropriately sized napkin in a pinch, covered the background for this shot:

Bacon + Chocolate

What did we learn? Bacon encased chocolate smells more like bacon than it tastes. The bits are a bit tough, as you might expect, but bacon just isn’t as good at room temperature as it is when it’s hot off the fryer. While the combination is interesting, this isn’t going to become a regular purchase.

When it comes to flavor injected chocolates, I’m going to stick with my two favorites for now: cayenne and ginger.

2 thoughts on “Bacon + Chocolate = . . .”

  1. Did you go “hog” wild on that chocolate bar? I bet you really “pigged” out. That might go well with a glass of red “(s)wine.”

    Seriously, I think you and Kyle need to recreate the old-school Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercials where two people serendipitously run into each other and mix chocolate and peanut butter together. Only I picture Ed walking down the street, holding a single slice of bacon and Kyle walking toward Ed eating… a jar of chocolate? Wait, who the hell eats a jar of chocolate? OK, take two: Kyle is eating a chocolate bar, you two lock eyes, the attraction is instantaneous (and irresistible) and then …

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