Sex Offender’s Wife Provides Daycare Access to Husband

Did you hear the one about the sex offender’s wife who provides daycare in Perham, MN?

How do you think that turned out?

In case you couldn’t guess, not well.

Backing up, the dude commited a sex crime and went to jail.

He failed to register as a sex offender after being released and was sent back to jail.

So now he found him self back out of jail for the 2nd time. And where does he hang out? With his wife while she provided in-home daycare.

And guess who’s back in jail after allegedly spending some alone time with one of his wife’s daycare clients who’s under the age of 13?

Formulaic stuff here.

This dude obviously has problems. But what’s up with his wife? Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t daycare providers avoid having sex offenders hanging around their work? I don’t care if he is your husband, mam. That doesn’t fly.

The article mentions that there was no requirement regarding public notification of his sex offender status since he wasn’t a level 3 offender. However, based on the article, this doesn’t sound like a failure of disclosure but a failure of professional responsibility by a daycare provider that was clearly aware of the sex offender’s past.

I’m blaming the woman.

2 thoughts on “Sex Offender’s Wife Provides Daycare Access to Husband”

  1. Well, at the newspaper didn’t post a picture that made him look like a crazy man…oh, wait, I guess they did.

    Anyone who thinks they might have some free time in 25 years care to look him up? I’m figuring he will still be a sex offender then too…hopefully gainfully imprisoned.

    Which I make the above statement merely as my opinion, to recognize our society’s almost complete inability to treat mental illness, which sex offenses clearly indicate.

    Go ahead and rehabilitate him, please, and prove me wrong…for my daughter and grand-daughter’s sake.

    (Yes, I know he could well be into boys, I just don’t have any boys at risk in my family.)

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