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Longfellow Grill’s PBR in a Can in a Bag

PBR In A Bag

If you’ve ever wondered, “who the heck orders cheap cans of PBR?” that was me earlier this week on a visit to the Longfellow Grill. Why? Perhaps it was a bargain play. I believe it was $2.65 for 16oz, which is very reasonable.

The beauty of this order was the presentation, as you can see above. I wasn’t expecting my can to come in a bag. The waiter was laughing while delivering it, which I think is a good sign. He sure didn’t laugh for Carly or The Other Mike’s more standard orders of a glass of wine or microbrew.

To top things off, I doubled down on the PBR and they brought the bag a second time. That’s how you pound home a good joke about a very drinkable canned beer.

5 thoughts on “Longfellow Grill’s PBR in a Can in a Bag”

  1. Crazy. Reminds me of the Town Talk Diner’s 40oz. They bring it out like it’s a fine bottle of wine showing you the label and letting you sample it before they pour the rest.

  2. Funny. The Riverview Wine Bar has cans of PBR as well. Irony and originality don’t go hand-in-hand I guess.

    But I give credit to Longfelllow Grill for the presentation.

  3. Max, do I need to create an illustration to point out how absurd your simile is?

    Moe, I love the Town Talk’s presentations. Great stuff.

    Mike N., Pizza Luce serves PBR 16oz cans as well. They skip the bag but make up for it with a $2.00 price point last I checked.

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