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Wal-Mart Screws the Poor with Debit Card Fees

Dear Wal-Mart,

When you charge people to issue them a debit card, then charge them to put money on the card, and charge them a monthly fee in order to have a debit card, you’re no longer providing a service. You’re simply preying on your poorest and most financially illiterate customers.

This is insane:

Walmart’s Debit Card Has Lots Of Hidden Fees

  • Card issue fee: $8.94
  • Reload the card with more money: $4.64
  • ATM transaction fee: $1.95
  • ATM balance inquiry: $0.75
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $4.94
  • Statement fee: $2.00

And you know it’s insane. Your greed is destroying the financial future of financially strapped people.

Show some maturity and social responsibility.

Provide cards at reasonable rates – you’ll still make money on every transaction – and get your foot off the throats of your poorest customers.

via Consumerist & j-walk blog

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