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High Speed Chase Ends in Longfellow Neighborhood, Minneapolis

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A high speed chase ended on E 31st St between 45th & 46th with the arrest of two guys. Listen to a cop at 1:55 explain “I think he thought – when he had a gun pointed into his ear – that it might be a good idea to roll down the window.”

This happened at a really inconvenient time. I was trying to watch the last 10 minutes of the movie Brian’s Song at the time. The sound at the start of the clip is me walking back over to pause Gayle Sayers’ speech.

3 thoughts on “High Speed Chase Ends in Longfellow Neighborhood, Minneapolis”

  1. Yeah, things are much quieter down in your neck of the woods.

    I checked out the scene earlier today. They came inches from taking out my Internet and power pole, and around 5 feet from hitting the garage.

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