Minneapolis Streetwalker “Mongering” Tips

*Warning: this post discusses tips how to find streetwalking hookers in Minneapolis, avoid law enforcement while doing so, and has links to pages with pornographic images. You’ve been warned.

A couple years ago on a summer night around midnight, I was driving through the Phillips neighborhood looking for graffiti to paint over when I spotted a wall worth cleaning up. I whipped a U-turn on Lake Street and parked on a side street where I started getting out my painting gear.

However, after pulling over, a member of the MPD pulled up behind me and through on his lights. He told me that I “looked like a John” based on how I was driving. I hadn’t really thought about what that would mean, before, but after reading some
posts over on USASexGuide about how to avoid law enforcement while finding a streetwalker, I understood it.

My best advice to you is to RTFF [read the f***ing forum], make some notes, get your gear ready, and then get out a map and scout locations. Don’t monger exactly, just get the lay of the land. Where are the hoods? Where are the cops? Are there any good parking spots?

Work on a cover story? Getting some good mexican food? Looking at properties? Lost? Have house listings, or a receipt for dinner for the cop who may pull you over.

The number one thing that allows cops to nail newbies is not following the rules. They are their for your protection. Use them or pay the price.

Apparently, my lack of understanding of Rule #3 (see below) caused me to be pulled over. My alibi based on paint rollers and paint covered flip-flops worked, although the cop wasn’t cool with me painting over the wall and told me to move on.

A Twin Cities based “monger” shares 13 tips on how to pick up streetwalkers. I’ve included 5 highlights below:

Here are 13 rules of mongering 101

I am sure there are a number of posts with suggested rules for mongering. Take a look at these, remember them, and leave the big head in charge.

These rules were developed from experience with SWs, but most of them apply well to escorts, and CL providers.

2) Be VERY cautious if the “SW” [streetwalker] on the street looks TOO good i.e., in MOST US cities, SWs do not dress in stilettos, leopard prints, or other obvious hooker outfits. It smells of a sting. I cannot repeat enough: Caution is the watchword. Tell little head to be quiet until after big head approves.

3) Do not call attention to yourself by making a show out of the stop (no U turns, no flagrant traffic moves). Catch her eye (she will be looking) and pull around the corner onto the next side street and let her come to you. (Do not keep your foot on the brake.) Alternatively, having caught her eye, go smoothly around the block, looking for LE.

4) When you pull up to her (have the door locked), be willing to drive away if your close up impression of her through the window is not good. (Sores, too thin, wired, dirty & stinky, sullen or “dead” eyes? SWs are NEVER as good as your first impression driving by…) Tell her you thought she was someone else.

7) Go to YOUR location unless given a good reason not to. HER location may include a male friend of hers who will rip you off. If she refuses your spot, you have another reason to turn her out. Be especially cautious of locations where you have no easy exit. Be VERY leery of taking them to your home! You know the phrase “Come back to haunt you…”

9) SW drug use can be a problem, but try to read what it might be. In my experience, crack (butter) leaves them still cogent, able to reason, and may make them more enthusiastic. On the other hand, heroin (dog food) addiction leads either to very dangerous situations, or makes them semiconscious—hardly satisfying. I see crack creating a dependency, but does not cause the kind of withdrawal that becomes an emergency for them. Crank can make them very horny–do not have direct experience. If they seem REALLY drugged up, it is another reason to turn them out. The difficult truth is that the vast majority of SWs do so to support some habit.

The recent stories about Craigslist users getting robbed by escorts and their thugs shows the importance of following Rule #7.

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  1. I’m a pro, new to town. Attractive, safe, healthy, never had a prostitution arrests, or set anyone up.
    I’m pretty new to Minneapolis and so far Ive met people online but I’d like to know some areas where men are looking for a nice, pretty, petite, talented, open minded girl to spend some time with.
    My question is actually where do I go to meet men? What streets and areas? Also how do I let them know I’m available?
    Please explain!? Thank you very much!

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