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Frozen Pizza Preference Quiz

Here’s the situation I encountered on a recent trip to Rainbow:

So many choices

What do you do at a time like this?


In my opinion, this should be a lopsided victory for one of choices.

11 thoughts on “Frozen Pizza Preference Quiz”

  1. Considering that Jack’s is delicious and the others aren’t worth eating, I’d say 1 for $9.99 would be a better deal.

  2. Jack’s is one of the nastiest pizza’s out there. I always get what’s cheapest at Rainbow, provided it is not Jack’s.

    Besides it tasting like cardboard, Jack’s is from Kraft Foods, owned by the Phillip Morris people.

  3. Jack’s was not always Kraft-owned. It was originally made by a Wisconsin company and was bought several years ago. And, IMHO, there was no detrimental decline in taste after its sale to the conglomerate. I’ve had Tombstone. I’ve had Roma. I’ve had Bernatello’s. Jack’s a far superior to any of them.

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