The Ultimate Party Toy – Banned in Minnesota

The Freets and I were discussing weight loss drinking strategies the other day. It started with alcohol choices (a glass of wine has less calories than beer but more calories per ounce) and evolved into ingestion strategies.

Along the way, I stumbled across something called AWOL – Alcohol without Liquid – an alcohol vaporizer that allows you to consume alcohol in vapor form.

It’s coming out of Europe, which explains the spelling below:

AWOL- The Ultimate Party Toy

AWOL enhances the full aroma and flavour of your favourite spirit – in a smooth and mellow alcohol oxygen vapour, which you inhale.

AWOL takes approximately 1 hour to consume 35 ml of your favorite spirit – making it lighter and gentler on your body.

AWOL is low on calories, and hangover free because there is much less alcohol consumed and none in your stomach.

Once inhaled the AWOL vapour immediately enters your bloodstream through the lungs – which will be detectable by a breathalizer test, so don’t drive or operate machinery after consuming AWOL.

According to Wikipedia, it’s banned in 21 states as of April, including Minnesota.

Apparently, it’s getting resistance from the liquor industry, which seems to make sense since you’ll consume less alcohol through this method than drinking the same shot. It’s not banned in Wisconsin yet, but it costs $300. Hmmm.

One thought on “The Ultimate Party Toy – Banned in Minnesota”

  1. Banned? I wonder why, is it the$300 price tag? Too many Nannys in office? Powerful alcohol lobby? Who’d have thunk from the state where nearly nothing is allowed.

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