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Glenn Beck’s Health Care Education

CNN’s conservative blowhard, Glenn Beck, had a not-so-pleasant surgical experience last week that seems to have inspired him to take a more compassionate look at the US medical system.

While he’s still a racist bastard, it goes to show that health care is a universal issue.

If, in fact, it isn’t just the drugs that are causing Beck to make sense, I hope he realizes that as bad as his experience was, it’s still not as bad as it would be for many Americans including his insuranceless, unemployed and underemployed redneck audience.

Beck, while hurting, is obviously not concerned about being driven into insurmountable debt due to unforseen medical costs associated with his treatment. 30% of bankruptcy’s are due to medical costs.

So, tonight’s the night were Beck plans to address the American medical system on CNN after his recent experience. That may be worth tuning in to watch.

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