Las Vegas McCarran Airport Understands Business Travelers

Dear convention and visitors bureaus around the world.

Take a look at what’s happening at the Las Vegas airport. Not only do they offer free WiFi to travelers, they now have free ReCharge Zones where you can top off your laptop’s battery before boarding.

Las Vegas Airport ReCharge Zone

Las Vegas knows a lot about making money, and hosts more conventions than anywhere else on earth. Little things like this really add up.

For one, they teach people that it’s okay to get to the airport early since you’ll be able to get some work done using freely available power and WiFi. That’s enough to reduce a traveler’s stress while dealing with check-in and security.

And it probably costs them very little to do this since I get the impression that Verizon’s helping front the costs.

If your city’s airport charges for WiFi, and has nearly impossible to find outlets, are you helping or hurting the business travelers your town is interested in attracting?

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