Minneapolis Home for Sale: 3033 Calhoun Pkwy E 101

3033 Calhoun Pkwy E 101

Are you single, sexy, and looking for equity? If so, this may be the perfect condo for you. Just across the street from Lake Calhoun with a dedicated parking spot. That’s heaven in Minneapolis.

Of course, being that close to Lake Calhoun means you need to be in awesome shape. And if you happen to be female, you’re pretty much required to go running in job bras with the running capris that flare out above the ankles. I don’t make the rules, so don’t blame me for this.

$259,900 isn’t exactly cheap for 756 sq ft with 1 bed & bath, but the location is certainly coveted and it’s not like you’re going to find a single family home on the Minneapolis lakes for anything near 1/4 million.

The 1970’s architecture is far from ornate, but it does have a few features worth noting: hardwood floors, a wood burning fireplace, and they’re throwing a plasma TV into the deal.

I could see a suburbanite buying this as an in-town cabin. Go out for a rollerblade and people watching during the day, siesta at the house, head over to Chino Latino followed by Drink, then sleep it off within easy walking distance. Wake up with some fresh orange juice from Lund’s. Heck, maybe I need a West Minneapolis cabin?

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