Burger King Drops the Whopper?

My favorite quote: “When I was a kid, my dad would order me a Whopper, but I wasn’t big enough to eat it all. That was the thing: When I got big enough to eat a Whopper, I was a man.”

That pretty much summarizes America’s fast food culture.

5 thoughts on “Burger King Drops the Whopper?”

  1. It’s blocked because I’m at work but if that’s the same video from the website they flashed on the commercials, I laughed for all 7 or 8 minutes of that shit.

    The guy who ordered a Whopper but received the Wendy’s burger was my favorite.

    Customer: “I ordered a Whopper and this is what I got.”

    BK employee: “Why, didn’t you like the Whopper?”

    Customer: –shaking with anger–

    That was funny stuff.

    Also, “I want to see your supervisor when I get to the window” is hilarious because I hate those kind of people.

  2. Aaron, I’m no Whopper fan, but I do love BK’s fries. And for some reason, their chicken part original chicken sandwich (non-natural) works for me.

  3. I KNEWWW that freaking king was evil and here’s the proof…that ‘marketing’ scam is bad news.

    I want to see the blopper reel where the customers through out the string of expletives and went for the neck of the cashier, or smoked the tires out of the drive-thru line ’cause you know people were doing that as often as rolling their eyes.

  4. I was a big fan of the subservient chicken campaign by Crispin Porter but one just doesn’t get me too worked up.

    Ditto on what Aaron said….are you secretly “One of the Kings Men..” ala target rounders. 😉

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