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Arbitrary Immigration Goals Make Immigrants Illegal

What’s the deal with Lou Dobbs and “illegals?” I remember watching Lou Dobbs cheer leading the rising NASDAQ back when I was in college, but when I watched him on CNN from my hotel in Chicago, I thought, “This dude went from being a capitalist to a racist.”

Michael Kinsley proposed an interesting test that I think would be applicable to Lou Dobbs and his fellow “illegal” bashers. The crux: would you still have a problem with “illegals” if they weren’t here illegally? Kinsley explains:

Kidding Ourselves About Immigration

Why are you so upset about this particular form of lawbreaking? After all, there are lots of laws, not all of them enforced with vigor. The suspicion naturally arises that the illegality is not what bothers you. What bothers you is the immigration. There is an easy way to test this. Reducing illegal immigration is hard, but increasing legal immigration would be easy. If your view is that legal immigration is good and illegal immigration is bad, how about increasing legal immigration? How about doubling it? Any takers? So in the end, this is not really a debate about illegal immigration. This is a debate about immigration.

Basically, Lou Dobbs is using the law to be an ass to people who are trying to make better lives for themselves based on an arbitrarily set level of legal immigration into this country. Are you?

via Marc Andreessen

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