Local Restaurant Gift Certificate Bonuses

The Channel 4000 blog points out that many local restaurant groups are offering incentives on gift certificates. They seem to be ranging from $20-25 in bonus cash on $100 in gift certificate purchased.

Give And Receive

A bunch of restaurants around the area are offering promos of “Buy $100 in gift cards, get one for yourself.” Hmmm… so you give a gift and get something nice for you? Sweet.

Even better, these aren’t your regular Applebee’s, Friday’s, Ruby Tuesday type places.

I threw down on some Parasole Restaurant Holding bucks. They’re good at Manny’s, Figlio, Chino Latino, Good Earth, Muffaletta, Salut, and Pittsburgh Blue. They also happen to be the only local site I’ve found that offers online ordering of gift certificates. In the end, it costs $102.95 (after shipping) for $125 worth of gift certificates.

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