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Chicago’s Largest Gingerbread House

A few Deets readers are getting together tonight to make gingerbread houses. I’m currently out of town, so missing out on the fun. More accurately, I’m not missing out since I’m not really into making gingerbread houses.

While the majority of the people staying at the Chicago Hilton this week are probably here for the Search Engine Strategies conference, I like to think that at least one person came just for the Gingerbread House.

I didn’t have previous knowledge about this site, but after seeing this sign:

Chicago's Largest Gingerbread House

I knew I had to investigate.

Since the sign was right next to their bank of 12 or so elevators. One click of a button escalated me to the 2nd floor lobby’s gingerbread extravaganza:

Here’s what I saw when the elevator door opened:

Chicago's Largest Gingerbread House

It’s around 9 feet tall at the peak.

A trip around to the front door provided this curb appeal enthusiasm:

Chicago's Largest Gingerbread House

I tried to get a “Man on the Street” quote about the scene but I was all alone.

Amazon offers quite a few books Ginger Bread Books and Cooking Supplies worth checking out.

3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Largest Gingerbread House”

  1. Last year I went to the supposed “largest gingerbread house” at MOA. It was lame obviously not structurally composed of gingerbread, rather it was made of wood and steel with gingerbread siding. I think there should be a rule that to count as a gingerbread house, 95% of all building materials must be edible.

  2. That is the biggest and most beutiful Gingerbread house I’ve ever seen in my hole life how long
    did it take to make that Gingerbread house.Please write back.

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