Interesting Obama Stat

MNPublius has an interesting stat regarding how Obama and Hillary are polling against republican presidential candidates:

The Case for Obama at

Andrew Sullivan’s points about Obama’s potential bipartisan appeal are especially salient today as Zogby’s recent polling becomes a topic of national conversation. The short story: Zogby’s head-to-heads show Hillary losing to every single Republican candidate for President. How does Obama fare? He wins against every single Republican candidate for President. (Edwards is somewhere in between)

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  1. If The Freets were a Democrat, he would tell you that the Zogby poll is an online poll and well-known as unreliable. The same poll released by Gallup on the same day finds exactly the opposite results (that Hillary Clinton, and to a lesser degree Obama, have a slight to sizeable lead over the GOP contenders). The Zogby poll actually found that Mike Hucakbee is leading Hillary in a national matchup.

    But The Freets is not a Democrat.

  2. Following on Freets, which btw is always a treat, I would say that in addition to Zogby, virtually all polls are unreliable (and not just +-5% as they all like to add for disclaimer purposes).

    Additionally, there are many people who would argue (Freets himself might) that Democrats are unreliable. In fact, I think that was the basis for the entire GOP platform and 90% of the Neocon decisions these past 20 years was to completely ignore Democrats and do whatever they pleased as long as they were reliable (even when unethical, as long as they were consistent and predictable in their unethical decisions). But, I digress.

    Why this seemingly unexplained Obama polling?
    –Easy…people do not vote using logic. As soon as you stop using logic to determine voting patterns, then you have a chance to find people’s true reasoning.

    Which is likely something along the lines of — I hate Hillary because of Bill (too many Clintons in the Bushes), so I won’t vote for her…but Obama does not have Bill, so I can vote for Obama. But that only holds if I am deciding among those two, because if Guiliani is involved, then there is the bad hair to factor in; or if Fred is in there, then he makes me want to take a nap. But these domestic and international issue thingies make me tired, so maybe a nap would be good (at least I think that is the polling that made the elites want to keep pushing Fred back into the mix…only logic I could find for him running anywho).

    And anyone else will just have to wait because the media is just too busy to cover them, and forget trying to ask someone in a poll because they practically had to visit nursing homes to find people who would stay still to answer the initial two questions.

  3. The Freets likes treats, compliments, and naps. I believe The Freets started his nap just thinking about Democrats and their long-winded, well-thought-out ideas and solutions to what ills America. The Freets wants a president who will ACT presidential, not actually BE a president. I think Fred Thompson has just those qualities (plus, he’s the only true actor in whole bunch). Clearly he is the Aqua Velvet candidate of choice.

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