The StarTribune picked up on my Target Rounders posts with an article in the business section by Jackie Crosby:

Bloggers seeing red over Target’s little secret

Target Corp. is learning the hard way that life in the blogosphere can put you right in the bullseye.

The Minneapolis-based discount retailer is being outed in online blogs and discussed in college ethics classes after students allied with the company were told to “keep it like a secret” while singing the company’s praises on the social network site

The article is fairly well researched, with quotes from Target, drillTEAM (the company running the campaign), the girl who raised a ruckus about the request for Target Rounders to keep their Rounder status a secret, and a quote from a marketer at Padilla Speer Beardsley.

What’s missing is a mention of The Deets.

Come on, Jackie. You called me about this on Thursday afternoon. We discussed the story, I pointed you to sources where you could find more info, including the email of one of the sources you quote. You told me you’d mention The Deets in the article.

It’s fun to see the story get some more attention, but it comes across as rude to be snubbed like this. Why should I answer the phone when the next time the StarTribune calls?

What really happened here? The headline of the article, “Bloggers seeing red over Target’s little secret,” doesn’t make any sense when you don’t include bloggers in the article. A more accurate tile would be “Student We Mysteriously Found Out About in Georgia Goes Public about Target Rounders”

You close the story with:

When her teacher, Kaye Sweetser, heard Siman’s story, she posted it on her blog.

And as happens, one blogger told another. And so on, and so on.

And so on, indeed.

Update 12:57 Dec 2: LOL, I didn’t realize it was the top story on the front page of the StarTribune’s print edition. Thanks to Lisa for pointing that out on her blog.

StarTribune Print Front Page