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Rock Climbing Opera Singers

I’ve been wondering for a while why Brian and Kenneth hang out at Vertical Endeavors so much. MN Monthly put that issue to rest with their Best of the Cities 2007 feature:

Best of the Cities 2007

Place To Meet Single Men
Where can a lass meet a lot of single men outside of bars, comic-book stores, or jail? Try a rock-climbing class, which tend to attract larger proportions of male participants than many clubs or social groups. (At Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul, one of the country’s finest climbing facilities, guys comprise roughly 50 percent of attendees—and staffers say several pairs of climbers have fittingly gone on to tie the knot after meeting in classes.) Let’s face it: These men are buff, confident, and self-reliant—not to mention pretty good with their hands. Vertical Endeavors, 845 Phalen Blvd., St. Paul, 651-776-1430

Dudes, it turns out that you should be hanging out at The Minnesota Opera’s Young Professionals Group if you’re looking for ladies that aren’t necessarily “Rubenesque”.

Or, ladies, it’s time you swing down at watch these guys nail a 5.12.

Belay on!

One thought on “Rock Climbing Opera Singers”

  1. 5.12? setting the bar kind of high aren’t you?

    I’ll have to remember to go sleeveless from now on.

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