TV News Talking About Newspaper News

Jeff Jarvis noticed something different about how news is covered in the UK: Newspapers will talk about what’s in the paper. Stuff they didn’t have time to cover themselves, or showing off the various angles newspapers took with their headlines on big stories, I believe:

Talked about

I’m in London watching a morning BBC show made up in great measure of four people sitting on a couch discussing stories in the Sunday papers. Every day here, TV news shows share what’s in the papers. Can you imagine this happening in the U.S.?

Does anyone do this locally?

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  1. Can I imagine this happening in the USA? Sure, the entire body of political punditry is based on the approach of discussing the political news stories.

    And of course all of the Economic punditry is based on discussions of the market and economic indicator news.

    And of course most of the Entertainment news is all based on the premise of showing the latest fashion and photos and gossip of the paparazzi or gala event du jour.

    And of course all the Health news is based on regurgitating someone else’s survey or study.

    So, what is this UK deal doing that is so unusual? Is it the stories the journalists didn’t get around to reporting…or person off the street discussion of the not-quite-news stories of the day?

    Or is it just the morning show people arrive with the morning Times in hand and four people of them read out and discuss items that catch their eye? If so, I think that happens in the USA media, but they just credit or refer to the story from the paper without rustling the paper on screen.

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