FeedBurner Counts Drop – Blame Google

FeedBurner stats across the web took a nose dive today. For example, this site dropped from around 2700 to 1665 subscribers overnight.

Zoli Erdos did some digging and got to the bottom of it. For some reason, subscriber counts from Google powered RSS readers, including Google Reader and iGoogle, weren’t counted overnight. One would think that Google – who now owns FeedBurner – would count their own stats, right? Well, usually.

FeedBurner is Out of Flame Today

If your see your FeedBurner subscriber count cut in half today, don’t panic, it does not means your readers “fired” you. It simply means that Google’s Feedfetcher is not reported in the total count today.

What this does show is just how big Google Reader has become in two short years. Almost 40% of the subscribers to Technology Evangelist are now using Google Reader.

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