Transracial Adoption and South Minneapolis

Heidi Adelsman reads a family story she wrote for the book Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption. Heidi grew up in a South Minneapolis household with an adopted black brother.

A great reminder that you don’t have to go to the South to find racists. We have our own right here.

Today, Heidi is a parent and Longfellow resident. She was quoted earlier this week in MPR’s story on the arsenic clean-up situation in South Minneapolis:

Many of the answers they’ve gotten at these meetings have been confusing and unsettling, says Heidi Adelsman, a parent of two who lives in Longfellow. She also works as a community journalist for a local newspaper.

“We look like we’re crazy people. And they wonder why we’re crazy, when we’ve got at least four different state and national agencies involved who are offering four different standards for what is safe for our children,” says Adelsman. “In the meantime, our children are growing up in community that is a Superfund site. Why are we not to think that this is a catastrophic public health problem?”

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