Ryan Shay Dies in Marathon Olympic Trials

Ryan ShayI received a text message a few minutes ago from Jim Dalby asking if I had heard about what happened to Ryan Shay. At that point, I had not, and assumed Ryan had just qualified for the 2008 Olympic games. Sadly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ryan collapsed early in the race and died.

Ryan Shay, 28, was a college roommate of my brother-in-law Luke Watson at Notre Dame and one of America’s elite marathon runners.

This sort of thing shouldn’t happen. He was obviously in incredible shape and at 5 1/2 miles into a marathon, would have been under only minimal physical stress.

Find out more about Shay’s running career on the USTAF site.

Update: Here’s a report from a South Bend, Indiana news station.

Update: Nathan has a first hand account from the trials.

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  1. I hopped over to your blog, figuring the Notre Dame connection would hit you guys close to home. The whoe thing is still so hard to process. It just doesn’t seem possible.

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