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FUH2 Edina

FUH2 Edina, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Captured on the Crosstown.

5 thoughts on “FUH2 Edina”

  1. So what brought on this bout of Road Rage, did he swerve at a squirrel, try and run you off the road, perhaps he spit on your windshield?

  2. …says the guy from constantly complaining.com…what is your point?

    Does Ryanol rhyme with ethanol?

    See…it says something to ask a question, but then again…no.

  3. i think anything that ends in an “ol” and your pretty much good- mike

    I was wondering if it was the hummer or edina or maybe both.

    some people don’t like giant suvs i heard.

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