Less Ashtrays to Clean in Fergus Falls

This is the first report I’ve seen from a newly smoke-free area of the state. Apparently, life has indeed gone on without smoking in bars and restaurants:

New faces, atmosphere since ban on smoking

“The first few weeks, there was an initial buzz where that’s all everyone was talking about,” Shol said. “But then things got back to normal. We haven’t lost any regulars. We gained a few we haven’t seen in a while — they couldn’t come in here because of the smoke because they had health restrictions.”

“It smells good and I can breath better,” said one Viking regular, who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s not so smoky.” However, she said, she wouldn’t have stopped patronizing the Viking even if it hadn’t gone smoke-free.

It’s funny that some people were told not to go into smoky bars by their doctors. That’s kind of like the warnings on the side of cigarette packs. You may not want to smoke if you’re pregnant. Actually, you may not want to smoke if you’re lung-dependent.

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