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John Edwards is Making Sense

Val sent over an Edwards highlight from last night’s debate:

He makes a good point. Who is setting public policy in the United States these days? Is the public really being served, or are corporations with a vested interest in the status quo running the show?

3 thoughts on “John Edwards is Making Sense”

  1. This has been the kind of thing some of the ‘minor’ candidates have been talking about all along. It’s nice to see someone more mainstream put it into words.

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again–This is the guy to vote for.

    The only legit argument anyone can make against him that will get my attention, is that he will be such a voice pushing for little guys like you and me, that Washington will cave in like it did against Carter and hang him out to dry.

    But even then, to vote for him will send the right message to those Washington types, that the people are ready for big change, change away from the status quo where all policy is set by the rich for the rich.

    If not him, then who are you voting for and what incremental change are you hoping for?

  3. This was the guy I backed in 04. I’ve got no problem with voting for him again. But it’s funny, because now I feel the tables are turned. I feel the GOP is squabbling over the nuances of each candidate while the Dems are the ones who will blindly throw their support behind whoever gets the nod.

    It was only four year ago the exact opposite was true. The left started bickering over Edwards vs. Dean vs. Clark vs. Gebhardt and all of a sudden the Democrats ended up endorsing John “Are You Fucking Shitting Me Out 300 Million People This Is The Best Guy You Could Find?” Kerry almost out of the path of least resistence.

    I’m at the point where I’ll blindly folow Hlllary, Edwards, or Obama just because they aren’t George Bush or John Kerry.

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