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Minneapolis Crime of the Week

If you get shot in the leg, twice, but won’t cooperate with police about why you got shot, where you were when you got shot, or who shot you, you have bigger problems than being shot? That’s not good:

31st Av/California St NE: Officers responded to North Memorial Hospital in early morning hours to gunshot victim who reported being at large warehouse party at unknown NE Mpls address; victim sustained 2 non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to right leg that; victim became uncooperative during report; no suspect information available

CID investigating

Seriously, you have to cooperate with cops if you want to people who shot you to be caught:

34th/Emerson Avs N: Officers responded to 3400 blk Colfax Av N on reported shooting, discovered victim had been transported to North Memorial Hospital by others after suffering non-life threatening head, arm wounds; officers learned victim shot while leaving party; officers unable to locate crime scene

CID investigating

It’s nice to know that a criminal has multiple weaknesses. If you can’t catch him in a gun bust, just set up a meth deal instead:

E Lake/Franklin Av: Officers, in coordination with ATF, US Marshall, SWAT, K9, 1st Precinct arranged to buy gun from known seller (previously convicted of 5 felonies), wanted on current warrant; seller did not show for meeting; later officers set up drug buy instead, suspect arrested attempting to buy methamphetamine; remanded to custody of US Marshall

Anyone know if charges were filed in this Critical Mass scuffle?

22nd/EmersonAvs S: Victim attempted to drive through intersection which was blocked by bicyclists participating in “Critical Mass” ride; as victim was driving through, biker tried to grab him by throat inside through vehicle window; several other bikers also damaged vehicle

An “awling” near Minnehaha Liquors?

Investigating: Arrested/ASSAULT: 31st/Minnehaha Av: Victim walking to store when ordered to give up property by suspect; victim resisted, resulting in suspect stabbing him several times in the torso with an awl-type weapon; victim transported to HCMC with non-life-threatening wounds; no leads in case

What do you think are the most common reasons why someone who’s been shot won’t cooperate with the police?

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis Crime of the Week”

  1. Gang activity comes to mind. I would say either the victim is either too intimidated to finger anyone. Or, a more cynical take would be that he is so wrapped up in the gang activity himself that he has a few things to hide from the police, beginning with where he spends his free time getting shot.

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