Douchebag is Back. Or Did it Ever Leave?

I remember the term “douchebag” gaining some popularity when I was in high school, but didn’t remember hearing in college. A decade passed, and now I’m starting to hear it again. A somewhat related term, “Assclown” gained traction for a while, but that seems to have died off.

According to Google Trends, Douchebag is indeed growing in popularity these days after holding steady for years.


I haven’t been able to pin down what’s caused the sudden spike in douchebaggery.

One word or Two?

I come from the conjugation camp, but there are plenty of people who like to provide some air between their douche and their bag.

According to Google Trends, the conjugated crowd tends to be East Coast, but extends at least as far West and Chicago and Minneapolis. It’s a faster paces lifestyle than the left coast where they take the time to space their words:


How is the term used today?

I surveyed some local blogs to get a feel for how “douchebag” is being used to day. Here’s what I found.

The Pie-Eyed Picayune uses the term to describe people who’d buy a Ferrari Segway, so that makes Ben from BenCredible a douchebag in Pie-Eyed Picayune’s pig eye.

Amber recently mentioned that she was going to go to a Halloween party as a “Douche + bag = Douchebag.”

Bauschy has video evidence that it happened. Be warned. You’ll have to watch some sexy bunny dancing before you get to the douchebag:

Barrett Chase uses the term to describe incompetent drivers.

The OCD Gen X Liberal uses douchbag to describe Alberto Gonzales, while Smithers uses the term to describe Rudy Giuliani. MusicScene pins the term on The Nuge.

Rex calls Garrison Keillor a douchebag, while Diablo Cody uses it in a moment of introspection.

Brandon Broxey calls douchebag on Adam Levine’s screw and tell story about Maria Sharapova.

Holy Crap Does That Piss Me Off, unsurprisingly, found a douchebag in his/her life. it turns out it’s the person who has to print off every email they receive.

What’s your take?

Are you East Coast (douchebag) or West Coast (douche bag)?

Can you pin down why this term is suddenly making a comeback? Does Kevin Federline have something to do with this?

37 thoughts on “Douchebag is Back. Or Did it Ever Leave?”

  1. I have heard from the younger classes that “douche” is now vastly preferred to “douchebag,” but that – as a sort of counter-trend – douchebag has very recently started to re-emerge in popularity trading on its status as a sort of neo-archaism.

  2. Impressive blog journalism here Deets, it almosts overwhelms the fluffiness of the topic!

    I think you have the makings of a traffic spike formula here…package it and offshore it and you can live off the margins.

  3. I feel a little cheated that you didn’t give me any props for my section titled “douchebag of the day”…I guess I just don’t rank among the elite cyber guard of the minneaple.

    I just douchebag as a general term for people that piss me off- similar to asshat I guess.

  4. be forewarned my site doesn’t render well on IE, you have to scroll down a ton,
    due mainly to the fact that IE sucks and if you still use IE you probably won’t get any of my humor anyways.

  5. I use both occasionally, and don’t think I have a particular preference.
    The other day I did use “douchebaggery” in a sentence, and was pretty proud of that actually.

  6. I tend to use the word “douche” quite a bit, but I usually leave the “bag” part off. I graduated from High School five years ago so I might be thrown into that, “younger class” category so I’ll add some of my experiences.

    If one of my friends called me a douche in high school I’d have to figure out a way to counter it while still using the word. One late summer night at a 24 hour Wal-Mart a few of us were walking around and we happened to run into the douchebag section. After a laugh or two we found that there were many different varieties of them. From vanilla to garden fresh to raspberry.

    After that a meaner use of the word was to add one of those “flavors” to the front of it. So we’d call each other “raspberry douche.”

    Ah, to be 17 again.


  7. ryanol, I did my Minnesota Douchebag research on, but you’re not on that site since I couldn’t find an RSS feed to use. Without that, you’re dead to me.

    Douchebaggery, Paul? That’s an SAT word.

    Adam, “garden fresh” is not a term that should be used in association with douchebags.

  8. My theory is that douchebag (yes, one word) made a comeback after the word “tool” went out of fashion. I tried to combine tool and douchebag into toolbag last year, but someone closer to the younger generation of douchebag sayers told me that’s been done many times.

    So, to take douchebag to the next level, I started using douche pronounced doo-esh (two syllables). I thought it had a certain jeus ne se quoi, but my wife hated it. (I’ll never figure that woman out.) So I dropped doo-esh and went back to using douchebag and douche.

    More recently, I’ve added the adjective “douchey” to my repertoire. As in, “Please stop acting douchey.” At work, my co-workers and I use DB so as to stand a chance of not being fired for its usage. From there, a co-worker who is a pilot has been using Delta Bravo (from the phonetic alphabet for DB). BTW, did you know that pilots use the phonetic alphabet in many different ways to describe people? For example, when they call someone Whiskey Tango, they’re calling them white trash. But I digress.

    As a douchebag user, I call anyone who is currently annoying me a douchebag. This includes any and all drivers, anybody riding LRT, and, well, pretty much anybody. However, I also call my friends douchebags as a term of endearment. Douchebag really is versatile.

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  10. Sorry, I reread my post and I incorrectly used ‘douchey’ as an adverb when I was attempting to use it as an adjective. I probably should’ve used ‘douchely’ in that instance. But this clearly shows douchebag’s versatility.

    Grammar police, arrest this man…

  11. I tried rss, didn’t take….I have a google reader with literally thousands of unread posts…RSS is nice in theory but I always find myself actually stopping by the sites I really like. Plus at some point I actually stop checking in on my feeds cause I feel guilty…wierd I guess.

  12. Are all of you commenters dudes? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a woman use “douchebag” (as opposed to hearing a woman use a douchebag, which I’m sure I’ve never done). Interesting how guys use “embarrassing” feminine body parts (pussy) and products (douchebag) to insult each other. ‘Pon just never caught on, though. Why? Too visceral?

    But turnabout’s fair play. And we can’t call a chick a prick or a dick. So what should we ladiez say? Stop being so enematic? What a skidmark? Such a sheetstain?

  13. I’m generally considered a dude. However, the jury is still out on whether or not I can be considered a man.

    That being said, I’ve heard a number of women use douchebag (the word, not the actual object).

  14. Thanks for clarifying. Do you (male or female) ever call women douchebags?

    Does nobody really like the idea of “sheetstain”? (As opposed to the idea of sheetstain.) Try it! It’s fun. Like cursing, but not. Sierra, delta bravo!

  15. My older brother calls me either douchebag, d-bag or dickhead. Of course, it’s with love.

    I do not have name assignments for gender, everyone is susceptible to whatever comes out of my pie-hole. And it’s usually pretty douchey.

  16. According to the Urban Dictionary, the #2 definition of Douchebag is:

    2. A student or instructor at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

    CSoM takes a hit.

  17. Either gender can be a douchebag. It does not discriminate.

    I had some friends who used shitstain for a while. I’ve never really considered sheetstain, but I see the point. In the same manner I used wombat for a while.

    ryanol, I’m certain c*nt is not fair game. Positive.

    Ed – Oh snap! CSoM takes a hit in the nads. Yes, nads.

  18. if you want to make a statement you gotta throw out the “C” word.

    Enough of this passive aggressive stuff…for shit sakes they say bitch on network television….It’s time to make a stand.

    If you want to make a powerful statement, throw out the “C” word.

  19. If you want to get laid (by a woman), don’t throw out the C word. The powerful statement you’ll make by using the C word is, “I haven’t figured out that this is the one word that drives women over the edge and is off limits.”

    I’m not saying it’s justifiable that it’s off limits, I’m just saying it is what it is. This is not a battle that can be won, and frankly isn’t worth fighting. (This could be an entirely new Deets post, BTW.)

  20. In the heat of the moment, I’ve used the C word before, but always feel terribly guilty afterwards, even when I’ve felt they honestly deserved the title. It just has a sound that is as harsh on the ears as it is on the tongue.

    The point can totally be driven home with a hundred other insults.

  21. my favorite power words
    1. C*nt
    2. Moist
    2. Chunky

    If i really want to drive home an insult though I always go to C*nt or Twatwaffle, the later being used in the presensce of british who have relegated C*nt to said Bitch status….mind you these only come out when some one truly deserves it.

  22. also bear in mind that these are usually hurled from the relative safety of “behind their back.” A direct face to face exchange…maybe once a year…maybe.

  23. I swear I’m the single reason that “douchebag” is back in fashion in Minnesota. I love that word more than I do Aaron.

  24. In addition, I would like to point out that my website started in mid-2005 and thus the jump at that point in time! 🙂

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