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Minneapolis Crime of the Week

I think I may have missed last week’s Minneapolis Police Department update, but this week’s crimes surely make up for it. I did my best to edit it down, but what could you really cut out of the list below?

When I read about the following crime I thought to myself, “What kind of intimidating handle was on that knife? Did it look like a Rambo knife? An OJ knife?”

3600 blk Central NE: Officers called to Robbery of Business;

Suspect entered store, went directly to the pharmacy, presented note, displayed handle of long knife; suspect left store with several prescription drugs; officers apprehended suspect a block away; knife recovered along with note, pair of rubber gloves: Arrested/


Guns from Anoka end up in the hands of North Minneapolis criminals:

49th/Bryant Avs N: Witness walking by SUV reported front passenger sitting with gun in hand; witness called owner of recently vacated home SUV parked where SUV parked as owner had requested neighbors to report suspicious activity; owner called 911; officers respond to Person With a Gun call, stop SUV as it is leaving; driver, passenger asked to exit; officers find loaded .22 revolver which suspects said they were attempting to sell to someone meeting them at park: 2 Arrested/

WEAPON (both suspects holding Mexican IDs on immigration holds; gun reported stolen in Anoka)

Here’s a tip: if you’re house if full of marijuana plants, don’t show up at the door with a bloody face when the cops come a knockin’:

2600 blk Aldrich Av S: Officer asked to investigate possible methamphetamine lab in residence; officers met at door by occupant with bloody face that could not be explained; officers went to rear of house where through open door detected strong chemical odors, marijuana odor coming from house; Community Response Team officers obtained search warrant; recovered 35 containers with marijuana plants; 8.5 lbs suspected marijuana; 176 grams leaves; pellet rifle, grow lights, chemicals: Arrested/


CID investigating

Another tip:

If the cops are after you, don’t stand near a window where they can see you:

1400 blk Washington St NE: Officers dispatched to address observed suspect through apartment window wanted on UMN Crime Alert for Criminal Sexual Conduct-Rape; residents uncooperative, denied suspect was there; suspect later located inside apartment; 1 occupant also taken into custody: Arrested/ AIDING an OFFENDER

Yet another tip. This one showing veteran assailing skillz. Whoever said, “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” was wrong.

41st/Snelling Avs: Officers called to report of stabbing, but had to search to locate victim who was then taken to HCMC; victim reported assailant tried shooting but pistol jammed; then assailant got out of vehicle, stabbed victim; victim would not elaborate on what preceded stabbing.

CID investigating

One more tip:

Don’t jaywalk with weed and a gun:

24th/Lake Av: Officers stopped suspicious person crossing street illegally; suspect uncooperative, looking for something in pants pocket while taking to officers; officers checked pocket, found handgun, marijuana, cash: Arrested/WEAPON

CID investigating

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