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How Pooping Hurts Home Sales

While Jeremy has been in Vegas, this town has fallen into a poop blogging glut. I’ll do my part to make up for his absence.

Bonnie Erickson has a list of “real estate perceptions” she’s recently encountered that have led to challenges for home sellers, including a appearance by a phantom pooper:

The basement reeked of a sewer gas like smell. The buyers checked around the bathroom and laundry areas trying to find the source of the smell, but were unable to locate it. The smell was overpowering and they assumed there was a major plumbing issue. The buyers moved on.

What was the issue?

This was an embarrassing situation. The teen son had visited the bathroom just before our arrival and while he flushed, he did not put the exhaust fan on. We were able to revisit the home at another time with no further sewer smell.

Now that is a great home seller tip.

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