I’m the Best of the Worst Skaters

It turns out that I won my age class within my division at the St Paul Inline Marathon:


It helps that I was in the slowest division. 🙂 That won’t happen again. It’s much harder if you’re not around people of a similar ability you can draft off.

I tried to figure out an appropriate backdrop to snap a pick of my trophy and settled on the toaster since it toasted the bread I ate before the race. The toaster deserves credit for it’s role in my victory.

3 thoughts on “I’m the Best of the Worst Skaters”

  1. Behind the fancy toaster, I think there’s a lesson here to pass along to future generations…..a man with a strong will, a natural born ability to efficiently process oxygen, superior equipment that must be baked in an oven before a race, a love for Jucy Lucy’s and micro beer, and a few training rides can be the best of his class of choosing.

    I hope this lesson doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

  2. I thought he was doping…aren’t micro beeriods a slight variant of steriods…I demand testing dammit!

    Seriously, congrats, pretty sweet deal for a first timer to get some hardware.

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