Handvertising = Ads on Hands

I’ve heard of advertising on bananas before. That’s cool and all. But this is way over the top.

Handvertising Jack Daniels

I think the idea here is to sell custom hand stamps to bars so you’ll walk around all night with an ad for a good DUI attorney or bail bond service.

The example above was Photoshopped. I doubt it would look nearly that good when stamped, or on my non exactly handle-modeling hands.

One thought on “Handvertising = Ads on Hands”

  1. The best part that this hand model is married. Somehow they decided these types of handvertisments have the target demo of a husband who stopped off to have a drink or two with some friends and then got stamped with no hope of telling his wife he was just running late at work. Sounds like a woman invented this.

    (I have been happily married for 2.5 weeks so all of the above thoughts are being channeled from a man who has been married for many, many years)

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