Google has a new feature that lets you see how many subscribers a given site has through Google Reader. This isn’t a measure of all subscribes to a site but just those subscribing through Google’s Reader (and probably personalized homepages on Google). For example, the number below for Technology Evangelist represents around 1/4 of the site’s total subscribers and for The Deets it’s showing around 1/5 of the total subscribers.

I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few. I put this together based on Minnesota sites I read or know about. I have not included subscriber numbers from traditional media sites (with the exception of blogs contained on media sites like Jason DeRusha’s).

Rank  Readers    Site
1	1410	  Powerline
2	926	  Pharyngula
3	599	  Technology Evangelist
4	210	  MNSpeak
5	124	  Blogumentary
6	 77	  Minneapolis Metblogs
7	 63	  More Cowbell
8	 51	  Girl Friday
9	 50	  Roadguy
10	 36	  Chow & Again
11	 36	  St Paul Real Estate
12	 28	  Garrick Van Buren
13	 26	  Aaron Landry
14	 24	  Jason's Deblog
15	 22	  Tech~Surf~Blog
16	 21	  The Deets
17	 21	  MNBeer
18	 19	  Bex Huff
19	 18	  Big Time Attic
20	 16	  Doodledee
21	 12	  Real Estate Snippets
22	  9	  Afterglide
23	  9	  PF Hyper
24	  6	  bencredible
25	  6	  Twin City Sidewalks

How to Look Up Subscribers

Login to Google Reader (if you’re not already using it, you should be), click the “browse” link on the left, then search for blogs near the bottom of the page. The resulting page lists the subscriber data.

If you find blogs I’ve missed or want to share additional findings, please do so in the comments.