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Top-25 Minnesota Blogs by Google Subscribers

Google has a new feature that lets you see how many subscribers a given site has through Google Reader. This isn’t a measure of all subscribes to a site but just those subscribing through Google’s Reader (and probably personalized homepages on Google). For example, the number below for Technology Evangelist represents around 1/4 of the site’s total subscribers and for The Deets it’s showing around 1/5 of the total subscribers.

I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few. I put this together based on Minnesota sites I read or know about. I have not included subscriber numbers from traditional media sites (with the exception of blogs contained on media sites like Jason DeRusha’s).

Rank  Readers    Site
1	1410	  Powerline
2	926	  Pharyngula
3	599	  Technology Evangelist
4	210	  MNSpeak
5	124	  Blogumentary
6	 77	  Minneapolis Metblogs
7	 63	  More Cowbell
8	 51	  Girl Friday
9	 50	  Roadguy
10	 36	  Chow & Again
11	 36	  St Paul Real Estate
12	 28	  Garrick Van Buren
13	 26	  Aaron Landry
14	 24	  Jason's Deblog
15	 22	  Tech~Surf~Blog
16	 21	  The Deets
17	 21	  MNBeer
18	 19	  Bex Huff
19	 18	  Big Time Attic
20	 16	  Doodledee
21	 12	  Real Estate Snippets
22	  9	  Afterglide
23	  9	  PF Hyper
24	  6	  bencredible
25	  6	  Twin City Sidewalks

How to Look Up Subscribers

Login to Google Reader (if you’re not already using it, you should be), click the “browse” link on the left, then search for blogs near the bottom of the page. The resulting page lists the subscriber data.

If you find blogs I’ve missed or want to share additional findings, please do so in the comments.

45 thoughts on “Top-25 Minnesota Blogs by Google Subscribers”

  1. Bear in mind, I subscribed to my blog 18 times… so you can’t really rely on that information.

  2. I cant see how many people are subscribed to my site the way you mentioned. I think I might be missing a step to see the stats?

    According to Feedburner, as of a couple minutes ago, it appears that I have 18 subscribers using Google Reader. Then again, I have trouble understanding Feedburners ever changing stats.

  3. Much as I might disagree with their politics, you might want to add Captain’s Quarters, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, and SCSU Scholars to the list, as their totals put them squarely in the top 25 as it currently stands.

  4. Here’s a pretty good list of Minnesota blogs.

    Someone should compile the numbers based on that list; and by “someone” I mean, “anyone but me.”

  5. I was curious how Bloglines numbers compared with Google Reader, so I checked the number of readers for the local blogs in my feeds:

    MnSpeak – 186
    Metroblogging Minneapolis – 60
    Overheard in Minneapolis – 59
    Behind the Mortgage – 42
    Chow and Again – 35
    Weapons of Mass Distraction – 33
    Girl Friday – 32
    Aaron Landry – 19
    Mediation – 13
    The Deets – 13
    Uptown Mpls Blog – 12
    Doodledee – 10
    L’Etoile Magazine Blog – 6

  6. When I looked myself up (afterglide), it said I had 21 subscribers. I noticed your link went to my old address (… I wonder if they keep those as two separate blogs.

  7. Keep in mind this is only Google Reader rankings. There are many blogs not on this list that receive hundreds of readers a day.

  8. Wow. Nothing brings out the comment crowd like posting a list of blogs. This is a great lesson for Technology Evangelist on how to build web traffic and buzz!

  9. Weird. I look up Garrick Van Buren and it says 39, not 28. I look up me it says 47, not 26. The Deets says 38, not 21. Now I’m confused.

    Did everyone just add a bunch to their reader today?

  10. Aaron, you’re not going crazy. Google changed how they calculate feed counts today.

    For blogs I missed, sorry about that. Some are ridiculous oversights, like OIM. Others are new to me and are now in my reader. Thanks for pointing them out.

    And, as “some guy” points out above, this only represents a small fraction of the traffic to any of the above sites since it’s only counting people who happen to subscribe to the site through one popular RSS reader. It’s missing all other RSS options, email subscriptions in some cases, and direct visits to the site.

  11. “Wow. Nothing brings out the comment crowd like posting a list of blogs. This is a great lesson for Technology Evangelist on how to build web traffic and buzz!”

    Nothing brings bloggers out of the woodwork like other people talking about them. My ears are burning and my ego is vibrating!

  12. 14 from Google Reader, 10 from Bloglines. A fraction of the people who are still doing it the old way. I would be interested in knowing if the use RSS is becoming more widespread.

  13. Starfire – AWE SNAP!

    Although I think Jason and I are both guilty of this sometimes too, I agree with Jason that this post seemed to end up being a lot about getting comments and conversation than it was real usable statistics.

    But hey, now that we’re talking about it, someone should figure out some more realistic stats. Or is that pointless?

  14. I have a list of 1800+ MN based RSS feeds that includes the sites mentioned in the comments here.
    Is someone has the talent to script a ranking our of that, let me know.

    starfire, I forgot Duluth was in MN after seeing the surfing photos on your site the other day. 🙂

  15. This is so confusing. I have one particular entry listed at 1,015 subscribers, but my blog is listed as having 10. And both have the same URL.

    Stupid technology.

  16. while were talking duluth…Marty Weintraub at Aimclear has 126 by my count putting him around five by google reader statistics.

  17. I agree with Kyle on this one – when you use the browse search mechanism it seems to find bits and pieces…while a burnt feed packs everything together…one search I did returned 75 users, one returned 29…I wonder if there’s a way to find them using total feeds through feedburner (though i imagine then that everyone would have to use the service…)

  18. I offer my blog for consideration.

    Irreverent and possibly irrelevant ramblings that are a mix of humor, puns, limericks, editorial comments, and sarcasm as the mood indicates. Usually published MON & WED. I will abuse words, modify words or phrases as I see fit or throw a fit. It is my hope that some of the lines caused a double take.

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