Presidential Race: Dollars Raised

I don’t fully understand the relationship between dollars raised and electoral votes, but here’s how it’s broken down on an awesome site for political junkies called

While Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both bringing in big bucks, it’s interesting to see how well Obama is doing in some red states, including Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and Colorado: Stats

According to PoliticalBase’s calculations, here is how the electoral vote scene looks these days: Stats

I don’t know if there is much difference in the states Obama vs Hillary would carry, but it’s certainly surprising to see Obama doing so well in the South.

It looks like Obama has almost out raised Giuliani in Giuliani’s home state. Clinton’s almost doubled Rudy on his home turf.

What’s surprising to me is Romney’s advantage in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. Those states tend to be the battleground states, so assuming the typical red states go red and blue states blue, what does that say about 2008?

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