Minneapolis Segway Tours Rock

Ben (from Bencredible.com) has been wanting to buy a Segway for at least a year now and has a fully pimped out model picked out. However, before yesterday, he had never actually ridden a Segway.

So yesterday, Ben, Cariann, and I took a Segway tour in Minneapolis to see what all the hype is about. Here’s a quick slideshow of the shots I grabbed. Keep in mind that I took incredible risks to get these shots for you by taking pictures while riding my Segway at times. A total violation of the rules!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

We had a great time on the Segways, and learned a few things about the city. In our case, we were more interested in the Segways than the history.

As I explained to Ben yesterday, riding a Segway is a lot of fun, but I can’t think of a time when I’d ride on rather than a bike. He responded by explaining that he should buy a penthouse condo downtown, and stock it with 4 Segways so he, Cariann, and another couple could ride them around downtown to places like Britt’s. Maybe he’s on to something there?

9 thoughts on “Minneapolis Segway Tours Rock”

  1. First off Katie, I am an expert at failing forward. Hence the Segway.

    Second, the models we were on were the old ones which don’t jump curbs. I’m not sure but I believe the newer X2 will do better at that and be easier on the knees. As they say in yoga, micro bend the knees, micro bend!

  2. Wow, the Segway, another noble ideal; in this case to help the handicapped, taken to a new low of slothiness by the general public. If you’re fortunate enough to have two good legs use them and appreciate them.

  3. I admire your pluck for getting up on a Segway in public. I know it’s predictable to dislike Segways, but I find myself simultaneously admiring their engineering while finding them ridiculous ways to get around on.

  4. Val, I think the Segway is designed for able-bodied people money to burn who can’t spend enough on bikes and refuse to glisten. Dean Kamen’s previous invention, the iBOT is a wheelchair that can lift a person into a standing position and climb stairs.

    Teucer, they’re pretty cool for tours, but I can’t think of a practical use for one in my life. Maybe for political door knocking.

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