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Living History Farms CC Race in Iowa

Shek has hyping up a cross country running race that’s coming up in Iowa called the Living History Farms Cross Country Race.

The name of the race doesn’t get me too excited, but the “Common Questions” – what one might refer to as their FAQ – looks awesome:

Common Questions:

Will it be cold? Probably!

Will I get wet? Probably!

Will I get dirty? Probably!

Do I need gloves? Yes!

Exactly how far is it? 7 miles

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a 7-mile PR. That may make it worth the trip.

Then there is this photo, proving that this isn’t your some kind of glorified road race kind of cross country race:

Living History Farms CC Race

Now I’m interested.

4 thoughts on “Living History Farms CC Race in Iowa”

  1. On a separate note, what’s with Iowa and their 7 mile races. As you’ve mentioned, it’s a weird distance – and Iowa apparently has at least 2 such races…this and the Bix 7 in the Quad Cities.

    Could Iowa be making some subliminal statement related to the # 7? Seven natural wonders? Seven deadly sins? Seven people living in the state? I wonder….

  2. I ran this for the first time last year after hearing about it my whole life. It was a complete blast. It’s really all about having fun, the course is definitely off-road. They mentioned 5 creek crossings at packet pickup, but I counted around 10. If you run this thing the way you should you’ll end up covered in mud.

  3. I ran this today , and it was really fun. 6000+ today, so many that they will cap it next year.

    7 People , is that all, wow. Tell me more little ignoramus person.

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