New Rewards Program for Graffiti Reporting

The city of Minneapolis has a new reward program that pays up to $500 for graffiti reports that lead to convictions. Here’s how it works:

How to qualify for the Stop Graffiti Now! Reward Program

– If you see a vandal applying graffiti to a home or a business—call 911

– Provide your name and contact information to police

– If possible, take a picture of the vandal in action (Do not make contact with the vandal—just call 911)

– Complete a Graffiti Reward Program Claim Form and submit

– If your call leads to a conviction, you could receive up to $500

Hypothetically, I wonder what would happen if someone was to buy a deer camera on eBay, place it near a popular graffiti zone, and then turn in the photos of the taggers they caught on tape? How long would it take to get a positive return on that camera investment?

4 thoughts on “New Rewards Program for Graffiti Reporting”

  1. You have to submit a claim form? Seems like a lot of work for a dubious chance of reward.

    If you see a vandal applying graffiti to a home or a business — That’s an important distinction. I’m glad they made it.

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