New Rewards Program for Graffiti Reporting

The city of Minneapolis has a new reward program that pays up to $500 for graffiti reports that lead to convictions. Here’s how it works:

How to qualify for the Stop Graffiti Now! Reward Program

– If you see a vandal applying graffiti to a home or a business—call 911

– Provide your name and contact information to police

– If possible, take a picture of the vandal in action (Do not make contact with the vandal—just call 911)

– Complete a Graffiti Reward Program Claim Form and submit

– If your call leads to a conviction, you could receive up to $500

Hypothetically, I wonder what would happen if someone was to buy a deer camera on eBay, place it near a popular graffiti zone, and then turn in the photos of the taggers they caught on tape? How long would it take to get a positive return on that camera investment?

4 thoughts on “New Rewards Program for Graffiti Reporting”

  1. That sucks about your car.

    Infrared camera, eh? Good call. While pricier, it should still pay for itself in one conviction reward.

  2. You have to submit a claim form? Seems like a lot of work for a dubious chance of reward.

    If you see a vandal applying graffiti to a home or a business — That’s an important distinction. I’m glad they made it.

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