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Dusty Olson Sends Awesome Voicemails

I can count on my friend Dusty Olson checking in from time to time from some cool location with a quick voicemail.

For example, I mentioned on here a little over a week ago that I was quoted in a newspaper in Newark about Shoefiti. It turns out that the Newark story received quite a bit of syndication nationally, including San Diego and Seattle.

Guess who happened to be reading the Seattle Times earlier this week? My friend Dusty.

He left me an awesome voicemail explaining how I’ve hit the big time now that I’m a nationally recognized expert on the subject of shoes hanging from powerlines.

I’ve set his voicemail to a slideshow of photos of Dusty at various ultramarathons around the country, including the Western States 100 where he paces our friend Scott Jurek to victory in that grueling 100 mile trail run.

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