Minneapolis is Green According to Move.com

Carly spotted an article on Yahoo by Move.com that ranked Minneapolis among the Top-10 Greenest Cities in America. The factors used to describe greenness sound pretty good to me:

The Top 10 Greenest Cities – Yahoo! Real Estate

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Named one of the top business districts in the nation for by the Environmental Protection Agency, Minneapolis is a commuter’s paradise where more than 60 percent of downtown workers use public or alternative transportation to get to the office. Free parking for registered van and car pools, an extensive bike path and bike lane system and employer-sponsored showers and locker rooms not only add endorphins but make a significant dent into auto-based air pollution. On the way to work, commuters thread their way among scores of lakes and parks and ponds and greenbelts and more than 200,000 trees. With great drinking water, active community organizations and the Minnesota State Department of Commerce nudging businesses and residents to hook solar systems up to the city’s grid, it doesn’t take Mary Tyler Moore tossing her beret into the air to let you know this is a great place to live.

This got me thinking about why city people get so worked up about suburban car commuters. If you live in a place that’s surrounded by arteries designed to enable people from outside the city to get in and out of the city, eventually you start thinking, “Why are all of these people driving alone, causing us to pay for so many lanes through the city and damaging the air we breathe? Are parking ramps and lots a good use of downtown space?”

There has to be a better way to do this.

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