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Sustainable Quiz

Katie Weddle Langer turned me on to this sustainability quiz at from America Public Media. It’s an eye opener.

It walks you through major energy consumption behaviors together with how you deal with trash to figure out how many Earths it would take to support everyone on the world, assuming everyone lived like you.

I did well on the housing test since our house is relatively small. Recycling and use of wind energy kept me at 1 Earth through the first three steps.

But then things got ugly when I got to travel. It asked how many hours a year I fly in airplanes. I said 50, which may be a bit low. That seems to have doubled the number of Earths needed to support my work and leisure air travel.

My daily commute cost me almost a full Earth.

My dining habits cost me an additional Earth.

And my shopping habits cost me another Earth.

Here’s the breakdown:

Sustainability Score

How did you score?

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