“Sex is Fun” isn’t Fun for Minnesota Family Council

Julio Ojeda-Zapata ran a profile piece in in the Pioneer Press about a locally produced (Stillwater) sex advice podcast called “Sex is Fun” that included the following from one of the podcast participants:

‘Sex is Fun’ podcast’s candid information proves popular

Jade, though a “Sex is Fun” fan and sometime participant, fears a backlash in personal and school circles (she and Kaper have two young kids). Sex “is one of those topics that really is taboo” among some, who “react harshly to it,” the 34-year-old believes.

Not surprisingly, Jade’s take proved accurate based on the example response Julio posted to his blog from John Hemlberger, CEO of the Minnesota Family Council:

I’m not sure which concerns me more: what SiF’s popularity reveals about how “pornified” we’ve become, or Pioneer Press giving it undeserved respectability with this article, devoid as it is of any moral judgment. If the subject requires a parental warning, maybe it’s not suitable for adults either.

I think it’s pretty awesome that Mr. Hemlberger managed to avoid using the term “Sex” in his letter, yet used the term “pornified” which, frankly, is a porn related term I wasn’t familiar with. I Googled “pornified” and found out that there is a book by that name for people who are interested in porn but are too afraid to look or listen. Oddly, that reminds me a lot of the right-wing’s perspective on the Iraq war.

Here’s a snippet of a review of “Pornified: How Pornography Is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships, And Our Families“:

For those who aren’t into porn and don’t want to be, this book is a helpful education. [Pamela] Paul manages to tell us what’s really going on in porn without forcing us to walk hip-deep into the muck.

Don’t you dare look. Your eyes may explode. Ms. Paul will look for you and tell you what she sees.

Paul also makes it painfully clear that the kind of porn so easily accessible via the Internet today is nothing like the old Playboy centerfolds (which could be characterized as Hugh Hefner’s endlessly adolescent fantasies).

Painfully clear? It sounds like Ms. Paul provides some titillating (did I just say, “tit?”) descriptions of the dark side of the web’s red light district.

My search for “pornified” also brought up a site called PORNification that explains how to pornalize movie names. For example:

The Nutty Professor becomes The Slutty Professor
Cold Mountain becomes Cold Mountin’
Analyze This becomes Analize This

Here are my contributions:

Knocked Up becomes (um) Knocked Up
XXX becomes (obviously) XXX
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider becomes (too easy) Lara Croft: Womb Raider

The PORNification dude is pimpin’ a book too.

BTW, Monday’s Sex is Fun episode mentions that they were just interviewed by the newspaper.

And they discuss having 30-Day Sex Challenges . . .

4 thoughts on ““Sex is Fun” isn’t Fun for Minnesota Family Council”

  1. I’m so glad you looked up “pornified” so I didn’t have to.

    If the subject requires a parental warning, maybe it’s not suitable for adults either. I am so glad someone out there thinks I’m not capable of deciding on my own what is suitable and what is not. Nothing says Family like control.

  2. High-o!!

    I defer all references to right-wingbat 30-day challenges to some night when I am sitting by a crackling fire on a mostly empty case of beer.

    But I did want to second Ang, I might have snorted when I read that ‘parental…suitable’ statement in the article, and Ang nailed it down with her family control comment. So, I guess my job here is done and I will resume my adult control phase.

  3. Star Wars = Star Whores
    Saving Private Ryan = Shaving Ryan’s Privates
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets = Harry Pooter and the Chamber of Secretions

  4. There have been more negative responses to the article. I’m confused why the responders keep comparing us to porn. We are talking about human sexuality. It is actually very low on the titillation scale.
    We’re going to interview Julio on an upcoming show to talk about the response to the article. It should be interesting.
    BTW, I like what you are doing here. Nice place.


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