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You’re Going to Get Wet. Just Deal.

Have you ever run into a situation where you’ve gone running after it rained and started out trying to avoid puddles but later realized it was a fruitless effort and ended up trudging through them? That’s kind of situation popped up last weekend while hiking on the Gunflint Trail.

Here’s Carly keeping high and dry:

Stream Crossing

Followed by my less that successful effort to keep my shoes dry:

Stream Crossing

By the time we hiked to to the top of Eagle Mountain with the Cannon’s, everyone’s shoes were soaked* so the river crossings went much faster on the way back down since we were much less dainty.

*Kyle forgot to bring hiking shoes so he was hiking in sandals. Not recommended.

4 thoughts on “You’re Going to Get Wet. Just Deal.”

  1. Yes, it does end up being a ‘just deal with it’ situation, otherwise we’d all sit home bored. On my trip to Iceland last June (I put the Flickr photoset link in the website above), I decided to hike up the ski mountains by Isafjordur for fun and exercise. I was offered some skis to use, but the snow was very dirty and abrasive, and the snow was striped with areas of grass and mud and rocks that made skiing riskier than I wanted to do while on someone else’s gear.

    But, once up there, I did wonder if any option (skis or boots) was all that good. The grass was very boggy, the mud was bootsucking, snow was undermined by mountain runoff streams, and rocks were unpredictable. I ended up gingerly walking on the snow where I felt most safe (with a few lump-throating exceptions), rocks where flatly available, bog grass where possible, and when all options were run out, it was quick hops through the wet grass or shallow streams. Picking a route away from the mud was possible, away from the wet was not.

    Oh, I did wonder what to wear–I had teva-like sandals, vasque hightop hiking boots, and my all-purpose asics running shoes. I choose the runners, but don’t know there was a right choice as each would have had something in the Con column. I hope Kyle feet are not too sandalized, did he try with or without socks?

    Here are some photos from the hike. Enjoy!

    Stepping on the snow…with the stream gurgling right below

    Wet feet at lunchtime…my feet dried, but had to go back into my wet socks and shoes for the afternoon hike

    Which included this little jaunt…it saved me 20 minutes of walking around, but my knees were shaking from the idea of falling into a rock-filled, heavy-flowing, few-degrees-over-freezing water…I didn’t want my new camera to get wrecked!!

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    –ah, clears up that question….

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