Minneapolis Crimes of the Week: 38th Street Edition

38th Street in Minneapolis has a few issues. This week, it really rocked the MPD Highlights:

First, a guy gets shot at while waiting for the bus at Chicago Ave:

3500 blk Columbus Av S: Officers responded to Shooting call; victim waiting at 38th/Chicago bus stop was fired on several times by suspect in car driving by; victim may have been unintended target; transported to HCMC with gunshot wound

On the West side of 35W at Blaisdell Ave S, a group of carjacking suspects are caught:

38th/Blaisdell Av: Officers observed vehicle which had been reported stolen in 9 Sep carjacking in 5th precinct; car stopped, occupants fit description of carjacking suspects; while sitting in squad car, 1 suspect admitted to carjacking: 3 Arrested/RECOVERED VEHICLE

And a block North of 38th (yep, 37th) and Oakland Ave S, a guy caught a bullet while in a home:

3700 Oakland Av S: Victim reported being inside home when struck by bullet; officers discovered there had been gunfire between 2 people outside his house; victim unintended target

Stray bullets scare the crap out of me. I may be able to prevent someone from wanting to shoot me, but stray bullets cause livability issues.

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  1. And here is another one from Sept. 23. It’s mentioned at the very end of the Star Tribune story Monday on the girl shot in north Minneapolis. 800 block is Chicago Avenue, from my calculations.:

    Police Chief Tim Dolan has said at least four boys, one as young as 12, were shot in the past several weeks on the North Side. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

    And late Saturday, a 12-year-old boy was shot twice in the leg in the 800 block of 38th Street E. while on his way home from a convenience store, according to a police report.

    (Full story at http://www.startribune.com/462/story/1441135.html)

  2. Last night at my church (Park Ave Methodist) there was a town hall meeting with the mayor, chief of police, and hundreds of people from the community. It sounds like people are rightly outraged at this spike in violence in this neighborhood. It scares the heck out of me because I bike through there on a very regular basis to get to and from church (34th and Park), including last night. It breaks my heart that this neighborhood I care so much about is dealing with so much violence. Keep on this one Deets, this neighborhood is ready to explode. There was also the shooting at 35th and Portland last week, not to mention that the bicyclist was killed at 37th and Elliot. According to Fox9 last night, the Bloods may be targeting bicyclists for violence as part of gang initiation.

  3. These just add to the list of reasons why I NEVER go to Minneapolis.

    Well, then you stay away. Please. Because we don’t want you here. It’s not like St Paul or the suburbs are drug- and violence-free.

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