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Free Stormwater Bus Tour

When it comes to making eco-friendly buying decisions, here’s how I roll:

– When a light bulb burns out, I replace it with an energy efficient bulb.

– When it’s time to buy a new car, I consider energy efficient models.

– If I had to buy a new toilet tomorrow, I’d look for an energy efficient model, but not too energy efficient in case Jeremy stopped by sometime in the future.

I define this as making passive environmentalism. Sure, I could replace incandescent bulbs with CF bulbs right away, but that takes more work and money more up front. Instead, I let the eco choices come to me.

However, I wouldn’t make good eco choices without being aware of what’s possible.

Which brings me to this upcoming bus tour being put on by the Longfellow Community Council. The morning bus tour (and lunch) is a good way to find out what’s possible so when it’s time to make eco choices you can make informed ones.

The focus here is on commercial property, so if you have some influence over this sort of this, consider taking a ride on teh Stormwater Express:

Stormwater Bus Tour: Rain Gardens, Green Roofs, and more!
Friday, September 28th
8:30 am – 1 pm

Longfellow Community Council brings you this free tour of commercial sites
around Minneapolis that have used best management practices to handle
stormwater on site. Corrie Zoll will be our guide as we view rain gardens,
green roofs, rain leader disconnects, and other practices at a mix of urban
sites from large to small. Lunch and discussion follow. Learn how you can
make changes to your property to earn credits on your stormwater bill.
Geared for businesses, commercial property owners and developers, but
open to all. Pre-registration required.

For more information or to register contact Hillary Oppmann at or 612-722-4529.

6 thoughts on “Free Stormwater Bus Tour”

  1. That’s a great idea.

    They should do that for residential items, too. Maybe not for light bulbs or toilets, but if there are larger things you can do on your property (like rain barrels or solar panels or something), that would be good to see.

  2. Actually I replaced both of the aging toilets in my house with water efficient models within the last few years. I went with a Kohler Cimarron, which uses “Class Five” flushing technology, whatever that means. All I know is that I wouldn’t let a toddler swim around in there while it’s doing its thing if you wanted to keep the kid around.

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