You Guys are Beautiful, Sexy, Geeks

Check this out.

A coworker noticed that The Deets was throwing up an error in Internet Explorer and suggested that this may be effecting 90% of my visitors. That may be the case if you folks were average. But The Deets is like Lake Wobegon. Everyone’s above average here.

For example, here are some stats representing a typical site in Minnesota today.

Popular Browsers:

IE: 86%
Firefox: 10%
Safari: 3%
Other: 1%

Compare that to The Deets:

Popular Browsers

This proves that you’re smarter and much better looking than the typical web surfing Minnesotan.

How about operating systems?

Typical Minnesotan:

Windows: 94.7%
Mac: 5%
Other: 0.3%

Preferred Operating Systems of The Deets’ readers:

Popular Operating Systems

I think that makes you 4x sexier than then average Minnesotan.

Just sayin’.

7 thoughts on “You Guys are Beautiful, Sexy, Geeks”

  1. For me, your neighbor:

    Firefox: 41.08%
    Internet Explorer: 36.86%
    Safari: 19.61%

    Windows: 68.75%
    Macintosh: 29.52%
    Linux: 1.28%

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit that I hit The Deets a lot from work, which will not let me run Firefox, so I’m stuck with IE6 on a Windows machine.

    But not so at home!

  3. To be clear, I’m embarrassed that I’m using IE6 on a Windows machine. Not that I visit The Deets a lot, or that I do it from work.

  4. I look from work a lot too, which allows Firefox (well… not really but I use it anyway), but I’m still bring the damn Windows OS stat up. I guess I’ll try to hold out ’til I get home!

  5. Not me, I will bring these stats down at every opportunity, work sticks me with a WindowsXP and IE6 machine and I’m on the Deets daily at work. Home is little better with XP paired with Firefox. If a Mac laptop dropped into my …umm… lap, I’d use it, but my old Toshiba has that old jeans feel right now, so I’m holding onto it for now. Stats be damned! 😉

  6. Ang, you raise a great point. It’s simply reinforcing greatness.

    Aaron, it doesn’t surprise me to find out you’re audience is even geekier.

    For the rest of you, sorry to hear about your workplace technology disabilities.

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