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Petraeus = Big Plastic Turkey

Bryan Lambert gets to the heart of the message Gen. Petraeus has been sent to congress to deliver:

Come On Mock Me, I’m Petraeus | You Are Dumb

Here’s the deal. You remember, shortly after the war started, when Bush made one of his surprise visits to Baghdad for Thanksgiving? You know, back when Baghdad was safe enough for Bush to sneak into in the dead of night? Anyway, there was this big photo op of Bush presenting a gorgeous, Norman Rockwell turkey to the troops. Turns out, of course, that the turkey was plastic – there for show, to make us all feel good about the war. The troops were eating some kind of pressed formed Halliturkey loaf or something.

General Petraeus is Plastic Turkey, 2007 model. Because the war’s a lot worse now, they have to have a more complex system in place, but the goal is the same – keep the pressure off.

If Petraeus is able to confuse enough members of congress into believing that things may actually be going kind of okay through the use of cherry picked numbers, his trip to the hill will be a success.

By success, I mean he will have earned the permission of congress to go on killing people, to put the lives of overt 100,000 American soldiers at daily risk, to separate 100,000 American families from their loved ones, to spend billions and billions of US tax dollars per month, and to continue to achieve . . .

. . . . um . . .

. . . could someone remind me what the point of all this is?

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