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Caribou Iced Coffee in an Aluminum Bottle

I don’t know about you, but I’m often frustrated by the lack of caffeinated beverage choices available to me at my local convenience store . . . not.

Enter Caribou, who’s rolling out an iced beverage in an aluminum bottle in partnership with Coke:

Coke teams with Caribou on iced coffee drink

Caribou Iced Coffee will be available in regular, espresso, and vanilla and will be packaged in 12-ounce aluminum bottles. It will be priced similar to other refrigerated coffee drinks, or between $1.79 to $1.99 each.

I’ll give it this: It sounds unique, which isn’t exactly easy in the beverage game. It’s a different angle than the Starbuck’s Double Shot and the aluminum bottle sounds like a creative alternative to the Frappucino (which I call a Frappu-crapo).

What will Dunn Bros’ bottled (or canned) coffee drink angle look like? You know it’s coming. Any speculation?

4 thoughts on “Caribou Iced Coffee in an Aluminum Bottle”

  1. Yum. That sounds far better than all those horrible energy drinks, if still a bit pricey. (Somehow, almost $2.00 for a to-go cup that you watches a barista fill seems less like a ripoff than a can you pull out of the cooler.) If Dunn Bros. is really thinking about this kind of product, they just have to exploit the quality angle – better ingredients (estate coffees?) and better flavors. Selling a 16oz can for the price of others’ 12oz’ers would be good, too.

  2. Just tried both the espresso and regular versions. They’re both good if you enjoy coffee. A bit sugary for me but something needs to cover up the bitterness of coffee that was brewed a month ago.

    The espresso is much stronger in coffee flavor, with a darker taste. They only have 5 ingredients which is impressive in our over-processed world.

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