’s Wine-Colored Glasses

Here’s what I love about Winecast:

We live in a world where people like love to complain about travel. And what do they complain about?

1. Flight delays after getting to the airport two hours early so they could stand in a mile-long line 6 years after 9/11.

2. Ridiculous security procedures that make us feel more annoyed than safe.

3. Connecting through Phoenix on flights from Minneapolis to Seattle to avoid taking out a home equity loan.

But none of these common complains are what have Tim from Winecast worked up. Nope. What’s his beef?

Why Don’t Airlines Have Better Wine?

I’ve been on more than my share of flights this summer, both domestic and international, and one thing that bugs me is how poor wine service has become on airlines.

Yea, I know, there is some pretty decent juice poured in business and first class, but I’m talking about the bottles served for $5 in coach. In my recent experience none of the wines on offer are worth the money and I tend to drink ice water on flights as a result.

LOL. Tim has a point, and it’s very on point for his Winecast site.

And you know what? He’s right.

The person who picks an airline’s wine isn’t the person responsible for kicking your luggage down the luggage chute, checking your shoes thoroughly for explosive toe jam, or scheduling more flights than can possibly take off on time on any given day. Their job is to make our flights more pleasant by offering a decent mini-bottle of wine to help make at least one part of the flight interesting.

Hopefully Tim will be able to make change on the wine front in the airline industry. Tim, I’ve got your back.

2 thoughts on “’s Wine-Colored Glasses”

  1. Even though the wine sucks, some of the best bloddy Mary’s I’ve ever had were on international flights…good mixers and your choice of top shelf vodka…no celery salt, tho…

  2. Thanks for your support 😉

    The other thing that bothers me about air travel is you have to check your wine in your luggage now but that’s another story…

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