Michael Vick Part Deux?

TheOtherMike has uncovered what could easily turn into another Michael Vick type situation if it reaches American shores from Japan: Beetle Sumo Wrestling:

Beetle Sumo Wrestling

Apparently, this photo comes from a somewhat sanctioned event called the IWBC (Insect World Battle Championships).

Is this the Japanese version of dog fighting? Bull fighting? Or something even more sinister?

Wasn’t Japan’s image already damaged enough by the mechanical arm wrestling story?

One thought on “Michael Vick Part Deux?”

  1. I saw beetles similar to this in Honduras, and was told that people do set them up in wrestling matches against each other. However, there seems to be no brutality involved, since they’re typically on a stick and it’s a matter of which one knocks the other off first. (After which you just pick your guy back up and put him back in his grass!)

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