Fidel Castro is Dead

UPDATED: Or is he? There is no official word yet.


This is one of the strangest news cycles I’ve seen.

My phone just vibed with a Twitter message from Rex Sorgatz in Seattle saying:

“for fuck’s sake. how can Perez Hilton be breaking the Castro-dead story?”

Sure enough, that does appear to be the case. Celebrity gossip blogs scooping a story on the death of a communist dictator? Wow.

And now many of you are going to be hearing this news for the first time from a buy typing with one hand while eating mangoes who earlier today wrote about cardboard furniture.

6 thoughts on “Fidel Castro is Dead”

  1. you guys are just pissed cause someone else may have gotten the news out before you did….being a good reporter sometimes has nothing to do with what you always report….so sad for you isn’t it!

  2. Ang, I should have mentioned that the mangoes were dried mango slices. Not nearly as sticky as freshies.

    I get the impression that Alice isn’t a regular reader since her comment makes no sense in that context.

  3. Ed, typing with one hand eating a mango? Isn’t that going to sticky up your junk?

    Alice, calm down. Wow.

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