A Simple Yahoo Pipes RSS Filtering Example

I don’t know if Yahoo Pipes has gained much traction since launching, but I do know that I find the service useful.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a relatively easy to use platform for creating RSS feed mashups, filters, and other related fun stuff. I say, “relatively simple” since you don’t have to be a programmer or own a server in order to create mashups, but it still has a bit of a learning curve.

Here is a very simple use of the service that I think helps illustrate the power.

There is a an online running forum called dyestat.com Track Talk that has a lot of content that’s interesting to me. However, it also has a TON of stuff that doesn’t interest me at all.

What’s nice is that there is a Minnesota-specific section to the forum. What isn’t nice is that there isn’t a Minnesota-specific RSS feed available for the forum.

That’s where Yahoo Pipes comes to the rescue. I simply took the RSS feed for the entire dyestat.com Track Talk forum, dropped that into Yahoo Pipes, added a filter for the word “Minnesota” in the item descriptions (which they happen to add to all items posted to the Minnesota sub-forum), and generate a filtered RSS feed of the remaining posts:

Yahoo Pipes Filtering of RSS Feed

This took about 2 minutes. Yahoo Pipes has given me easier access to content that’s of interest to me.

And now that it exists, others can use it as well or clone and edit it to personalize it for content that interests them.

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